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Finding The Way Back Home

Kaitlyn is currently on a roundabout cosmo-nautical journey back to Earth after staking her flag in some Martian soil a few months back. Let's call it an intergalactic Grand Tour. The project is being released in bits and pieces on Instagram, roughly in chronological order.

While we've mapped our current sector of space, what lies ahead remains unknown and outfits are still largely unplanned. If you are interested in collaborating / contributing, or if you're already in space and wanna meet up (cheers!), please send the coordinates of your planet & any other relevant info using the button below. Serious submissions only, please.

All illustrations, photographs, and rendered components used in this series are 100% original.

Visor by Saint Chic ~ use code KAITLYN KIMCHI at checkout ;)

May the solar wind be always at your back !

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*Please contact or slide into those DMs if you intend to republish items from this collection. Hi-res versions are available :)